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Take a bite out of food allergy.


Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) is a promising food allergy treatment currently being offered to a small number of preschoolers by Dr. Edmond Chan at

BC Children's Hospital. 

More funds are needed to continue to expand this program so it is more accessible to preschoolers in BC, and to create safe protocols to begin offering OIT to school-aged children. 


“With your financial support, we can bring hope and improve the quality of life for the 86,000 children in BC living with food allergies.”

Recent news:

Congratulations to Dr. Edmond Chan  — the 2019 recipient of the Robyn Allen Leadership Award which recognizes an individual who has made a unique contribution to the lives of Canadians with food allergy through their efforts in education, advocacy, community building, leadership, or fundraising.


Click here to read an interview with Dr. Chan.

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